Cheap Dental Crowns Near Me—How Can I Find Them?

Cheap Dental Crowns Near Me—How Can I Find Them?

The dentist just broke the news: You need a dental crown. The first two questions in most patients’ minds are:

  1. how much is this going to hurt?, and
  2. how much is this going to cost?

A patient’s first attempt to answer these questions may be a search of the internet. For question number two, they may type “Cheap Crowns Near Me” or “Cheap Dental Crowns” into the search engine..

Consider More than Just the Price Tag

While cost is a factor to consider – and for some individuals, it may indeed be the most important factor – dental health decisions should not be subject to expense alone. Everyone deserves good quality care at a fair price. Instead of being on the hunt for the cheap crowns nearby, it is better to consider choices that are the best value.

What Is a Crown and Why Do I Need It?

The need for a crown is sometimes the result of not having a cavity filled. When tooth decay has made a cavity too big or too deep to be filled with a standard composite filling, a dental crown is typically the next step. A crown is also the recommended for a cracked tooth. Cracks in teeth, unlike cracks in bones, do not heal.

A dental crown is a cap that a dentist puts over your tooth. Crowns are made from a variety of materials: metal, ceramic, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or resin.

The procedure to have a crown placed takes longer and is more expensive than having a cavity filled. After an initial appointment where the tooth is prepared and impressions are made, a temporary crown is installed. The temporary crown will remain for about two weeks while the permanent crown is custom made from the impressions. The cost of a crown is affected by the dentist’s time and expertise at these appointments, the materials used for the crown, and the efforts of the technician to create and shape it. This leads many people to ask “where can I find cheap crowns near me?”

Research Alternatives to Dental Crowns, Too

Before settling on a search engine’s answer to “find cheap crowns near me,” it is best to do some research and ask the dentist some questions. There are some less expensive alternatives to dental crowns. So, first ask the dentist to explain, in detail, why a crown is necessary. This can open the conversation to alternatives:

Composite Fillings

If the damage to the tooth is not too extensive, they may be willing to try a composite filling instead. You need to be aware, however, of the potential problems with this solution. If the cavity is big enough that the composite material accounts for more than what’s left of the original tooth, there is danger of the tooth breaking. In many cases, a crown will be necessary in the future anyway.

Different Materials

Talk to your dentist about the choices of material for your crown. A gold crown obviously costs more than one made of resin. But resin is not as durable as metal or porcelain. Together you and your dentist can pick something that will suit both your dental needs and budget.

Onlays or “Partial” Crowns

Onlays may be a slightly cheaper alternative to a full crown. Rather than covering the entire tooth, onlays are bonded to only part of it, usually the chewing surface. A dentist can determine if this option will cover enough of the tooth to offer the same protection as a full crown.

A Temporary Solution

If the need for a crown is not an emergency, it may be possible to postpone getting one, rather than simply looking for “cheap crowns near me.” The dentist can use temporary fillings and temporary crowns to delay the eventual procedure. It must be understood that this is a delay, not a replacement for getting a crown placed. If left too long, the original problem can become much worse, resulting in greater pain and cost later on.

Find a Dentist Who Provides the Best Value

When it comes to dental crowns, instead of looking for “cheap crowns near me,” it will serve you better to ask for “good dentists near me.” You can use our search tool to find experienced professionals in your area. When reviewing options, you will want to make sure to chose someone with the appropriate credentials. Referrals from people you know and trust are important and online reviews can be helpful.

Reputable dentists will gladly answer all your questions and concerns. They will explain the various alternative to crowns. If they feel a crown is your best option, they should be able to back up their decision with information that you can understand.

Finally, if you have dental insurance, explore what is covered when it comes to dental crowns. You can also look for a dental practice that offers financing and payment plan options.

Instead of looking for “cheap crowns near me,” it is more important to look for a good dentist who can deliver excellent care and provide the best value for your money.