Looking for a Specialist that Does Invisalign for Teens…

Looking for a Specialist that Does Invisalign for Teens…

Looking for a specialist that does Invisalign for teens? Younger people, including teenagers, have mouths that are still growing. Finding a specialist with experience going through the Invisalign process with teenagers will help ensure a smoother course of treatment.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to locate an Invisalign specialist for your teenaged children:

1. Use our handy search tool to find offices in your area. Our search tool will find several qualified offices in your area from which to choose. Keep in mind that both dentists and orthodontists frequently offer Invisalign. More important than the title is the specialist’s experience with Invisalign. So…

2. Call and ask about training and experience with Invisalign and teens. Once you have chosen a handful of offices near you, call to ask about their experience with Invisalign and teens. If an office does not offer Invisalign, or prefers not to use the Invisalign process for teens, they will be up-front about this.

3. Confirm what you learn with online reviews. Just as online reviews can tip you off to a good or bad restaurant, they can also help reassure you that the specialist you are considering is a good fit for your family. Googling the name and city of a specialist might reveal some reviews. A search on Yelp or Facebook can as well.

Remember, a couple of bad reviews do not necessarily mean a bad dentist or orthodontist. And aggregate scores can be misleading. Take time to read the comments and see if the office fits your particular needs. Do the comments mention being good with teens? Being patient? Easy scheduling? Explaining the Invisalign process clearly? These can be important key phrases to look for.

4. Schedule an initial consultation. Once you find an office that feels right for you, schedule an appointment. This first appointment is not to start the Invisalign process but rather to discuss the process and get your teen on board.

A good dentists’ office should be welcoming, clean, and comfortable. The staff should be friendly, but also understanding of the anxiety that teens sometimes have when it comes to dentistry.

It is a good idea to bring your teen along so the specialist can describe the process to him or her. Not only will this lessen the anxiety for your teen down the road, it will also help ensure that your teen complies with the program. Teenagers want to be treated like adults, and your Invisalign specialist should treat them with respect while also recognizing that there might be some initial resistance to treatment.

5. Get clear on issues of insurance and payment. Before you leave, talk to someone in the office about insurance and payment. If you have insurance, the office will likely want to make a copy of your insurance card (be sure to bring it along!).

You will also need to determine if the provider is in your network. If you end up liking a specialist that isn’t in your network, don’t panic. It might still be worth going to him or her. Simply ask whether they have a different payment structure or plan for out-of-network patients. The same goes if you do not have dental insurance.

Invisalign can be expensive, compared to a simple cleaning. You may want to discuss payment plans at this time as well. Many offices have low- or no-interest payment plans. Find someone you like? Share the news! Once you find an Invisalign specialist you like, please be considerate of those who are also searching! A detailed review on Facebook or Yelp will help others decide on an office for their family.

Remember, while a positive review is appreciated, a review with specifics is most useful. Not everyone will like the same professionals you do, or have exactly the same experience. By providing details, you are helping others decide whether there is potentially a good fit for their teen.

And, of course, we haven’t met a dentist or orthodontist yet who doesn’t appreciate a word-of-mouth referral or recommendation.

If you have further questions about finding a specialist in Invisalign for teens, reach out to us and we will try to answer your concerns.

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