What Color Braces Make Teeth Look White?

What Color Braces Make Teeth Look White?

When it comes to wearing braces, many people want to know which color of braces will make their teeth appear whiter. While braces colors primarily serve as a means of self-expression and style, some shades can create the illusion of whiter teeth. Explore the variety of braces colors and find out which hues can help make teeth look white.

Which Color of Braces to Choose? 

Braces colors allow individuals to personalize their orthodontic treatment. While the primary function of dental braces is to straighten teeth and correct bites, adding a pop of color with colored bands can be fun and fashionable. However, not all shades have the same impact on the appearance of teeth. 

Patients can choose a braces color that complements their skin tone and eye color to create a harmonious and personalized look. Many orthodontic practices offer a variety of braces colors, allowing patients to express their individual style. Here are some tips for selecting braces colors that match skin tone and eyes:

Consider Skin Tone

For individuals with warmer skin tones (olive, tan, or darker complexions), earthy tones or warm reds can complement skin color nicely.

Cooler skin tones (fair or rosy complexions) can pair well with cool colors such as blues, purples, or silver.

Enhance Eye Color

If a patient has blue or green eyes, they might choose braces colors like shades of blue, teal, or even silver to make their eye color pop.

Brown or hazel eyes can be accentuated with earthy tones like green, brown, or bronze braces (although these do not help make teeth look whiter).

Consider Personal Style

Patients can think about wardrobe and the colors they typically wear to choose braces colors that align with their fashion sense.

Braces wearers may experiment with bold or vibrant colors if that suits their personality and style.

Braces Colors That Make Teeth Look White

Because of the contrast between these colors and the teeth, they make teeth appear brighter.

Dark Colors: Interestingly, darker shades like navy blue can create a whitening effect. This color provides a strong contrast against teeth, making them whiter in comparison.

Blue: Light blue or turquoise braces can also enhance the whiteness of teeth. These shades complement the white tones in a smile, creating a visually pleasing effect.

Pastel Colors: Soft pastel pink, lavender, or mint green can work well for making teeth look white. These gentle hues create a harmonious balance with the color of natural teeth.

dental patient considering color of braces
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Braces Colors to Avoid

White Braces: Clear or white braces brackets are designed to blend in with a patient’s teeth, but sometimes (depending on the patient’s teeth color) white braces can make natural teeth look dingy. Clear bands are also likely to become stained if patients drink coffee, soda, or tea. 

Gray Braces: This color is not the best when the patient wants their teeth to look whiter, gray can bring out discoloration in the teeth like coffee or tea stains. 

Dark Green and Brown: Because these colors are dark, they could make a patient’s teeth appear whiter, but they can also create the appearance of food being stuck in the brackets.

Yellow and Gold: These colors will only enhance the natural yellow in teeth. Not everyone’s teeth are pure white. In fact, most people’s teeth have a natural yellow hue that gold and yellow are sure to bring it out. 

Experimenting with Braces Colors 

According to The American Association of Orthodontists braces typically last an average of 22 months, so it’s important for the patient to be happy with their braces colors throughout their orthodontic journey. Fortunately, visits to the orthodontist take place every 4-8 weeks to tighten brackets, allowing patients to try new colors at every appointment. If a chosen color is not making teeth look white, it’s always possible to switch to a new color. 

Being able to change the look of braces is also beneficial as the seasons change. During the holidays, patients might want to try red and green. For Easter, pastel pink, green, and blue. For Independence Day, red and blue, and so on. 

Can You Whiten Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Patients often ask if they can whiten teeth while they have braces on. It is not advised to whiten teeth until after the braces have been removed because the areas covered by brackets will not be affected. This can create an inconsistent or splotchy look when braces are removed. If a patient chooses invisalign instead of traditional braces, teeth whitening is possible during treatment.

Specific Braces Colors can make Teeth Appear Whiter

While braces colors are primarily a form of self-expression, there are shades that create the illusion of whiter teeth. The most important thing for patients is to feel comfortable and confident in their choice. Make an appointment today to choose the braces color that best suits you.