What Are the Best Color Braces For My Eye Color?

What Are the Best Color Braces For My Eye Color?

Braces used to be something that most orthodontics patients wanted to hide. But these days, a wide range of color options gives braces wearers an opportunity to express themselves. Both kids and grownups are using colored braces as a fashion accessory and a fun expression of their unique personal style. 

Color plays a big part in fashion choices when it comes to clothing, makeup, hair color, and even accessories like jewelry or eyeglasses. The right shade can either enhance a person’s best features or draw attention to flaws. Choosing braces is no different.

 “Colored braces” refers to the elastic bands called orthodontic ligatures that wrap around each bracket, holding the archwire in place. The wires and brackets are still typically silver—it is these bands that offer a pop of color.

How do you choose the best color braces for you? One way is to find something that complements your eye color.

Best Color Braces for Brown Eyes

Brown is a warm color. Choosing another warm tone for braces will highlight the richness of the eye color. Darker shades add depth. Consider navy blue, deep green, or gold to complement brown eyes.

Best Color Braces for Blue Eyes

Blue is considered a cool tone, and certain colors create contrast and brightness with cool colors better than others. 

Silver looks great with blue, so one option is to keep braces in their traditional state without colored bands. For those who want to add some color, the best color braces for blue eyes are pastel shades. Try pastels on the cool end of the color spectrum such as pink, lilac, or light blue.  

Best Color Braces for Hazel or Green Eyes

Green eyes can look very vibrant next to some unexpected colors, and hazel eyes often contain flecks of gold, brown, or green. Both shades can vary quite a bit from person to person. For these reasons, a variety of colors can look great with green or hazel eyes. 

Experiment with purple, turquoise, bronze, and even red or orange to find the best color braces. It all depends on the exact shade of green or hazel eyes. 

Best Color Braces for Gray Eyes

Gray is a subtle and muted color for the eyes, so colored braces should be understated. This way they will enhance but not overwhelm the eyes.

Opt for hues of charcoal or lavender. For very dark gray eyes, shades of deep blue or purple may look good too.

Other Ways to Determine Your Best Color Braces

Many other factors can help patients choose what color braces to get. 

  • Complexion and Hair Color. Just like eyes, skin can have warm or cool undertones. Bolder braces colors can look better on darker skin, while soft pastels may complement people with lighter skin.
  • Hair Color. Hair too, can be classified as warm-toned or cool-toned. The same principles apply as they do for complexion—light colors suit blonds, as you move along the color spectrum toward darker hair, think about deeper, darker-colored braces. 
  • Wardrobe. Someone who sticks to a certain color pallet with their clothes can use that color scheme to pick a braces color too.
  • Lifestyle. A person’s job, where they go to school, and how they like to present themselves to the world can all help determine if the color of their braces should be subdued and neutral or bright and bold. 
  • Tooth Color. Dark-colored braces can make teeth look whiter, while some shades of white, yellow, and gold can make them look dingy. 
  • Personality. Outgoing or shy? Professional or artsy? The best color braces might be feminine pink, earthy green, or fluorescent fuchsia—it’s up to you! 
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Embrace Your Style While Straightening Your Teeth

Not everyone is thrilled to learn they need braces to straighten their teeth. Being able to pick a color can be a fun part of the orthodontic journey and a chance to show off their style and personality. 

The number of color options available depends on the brand of braces used by the orthodontist. Some patients may have as many as 80 different shades to choose from! Those with more limited choices may still have some difficulty choosing a favorite. Considering your eye color is one good way to pick something that will enhance your overall appearance.

Make a Statement With Your Braces

It is important to remember that the best color braces are different for everyone—there are no rules! In fact, many people decide to make a statement with their braces that has nothing to do with matching their eyes, skin tone, or any of their features. 

Some popular color options:

  • School colors
  • Favorite sports team
  • Holiday themes (for example, red and green at Christmas, orange or glow-in-the-dark for Halloween)
  • Matching clothes for prom or other special events
  • Rainbow or other color combinations

One great thing about choosing a color for braces is that it doesn’t have to be forever. Most orthodontists are willing to change the elastic bands whenever their patients want, even if it’s at every appointment.

What If Your Best Color Braces is No Color?

While picking out colored braces can be a lot of fun, it may not be for everyone. Many people—especially adults—still would rather not draw attention to their braces at all. These patients can skip colorful ligatures on their silver braces and go with clear bands or something that blends with the color of their teeth. Just be aware that clear or light-colored bands may stain easily with coffee, red wine, or certain foods.

Or they may choose teeth-straightening options that are even less noticeable. For example, clear ceramic brackets can take the place of metal ones so only the thin metal wire is visible. 

Another option is lingual braces, which are attached to the backside of the teeth instead of the front. There are also aligners like Invisalign made of clear plastic, which are barely noticeable and removable.

Talk to Your Orthodontist About Colored Braces

Braces are a great way to straighten teeth, but they don’t have to be boring. Your orthodontist will show you what colors are available and help you choose one that works best for you. A good place to start is with your eye color because no matter what you wear or what you’re doing, you can rest assured that your smile complements your appearance.

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