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How Painful is it to Get a Cavity Filled?

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues; in fact, they’re one of the most common health problems in general, worldwide. If you have a cavity, you may be worried about pain or discomfort associated with getting it filled. But there’s good news—with today’s advances in dental procedures, you will be able to get...


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Cavity Filled?

If you’ve got a cavity, chances are you’ve also got questions. And your biggest question may be “How much will all of this cost?” The answer is that it depends on several different factors. First, it depends on the type of filling. Not all fillings are created equal. Metal fillings, which are also referred to...


Cavity Filling: What to Expect When Having Cavities Filled

If your dentist says you have one or more cavities, you will need to have them filled. The process of cavity filling, or tooth filling, prevents the cavity from becoming worse and helps to protect your teeth from further decay. Cavities themselves are holes in your teeth caused by bacteria. Getting cavities filled is more...