What Should Dental Implants Cost in 2023

What Should Dental Implants Cost in 2023

When dental implants first became widely available, the costs were so extraordinarily high that most dental surgeons did not offer them. However, as the raw costs of materials have decreased, and the equipment to produce dental implants requires far less of an upfront investment, prices have become much more competitive. 

Dental implants, once thought out of reach for most folks, have become a standard and popular option for tooth replacement. Now that this procedure has revolutionized dentistry, and the practice is increasingly common: What should dental implants cost in 2023?

What is the Average Cost of Dental Implants in 2022?

The cost of dental implants includes three basic parts: The base or post, the abutment, and the crown or prosthetic tooth. Dental implants cost varies depending upon how many teeth need replacing. In some cases, same-day implants might be possible, (a process where the surgeon extracts the tooth and replaces it in-office during a single procedure), and that typically costs quite a bit more. 

Average Costs of Dental Implants in 2022

Single ImplantBridge ImplantsFull-Mouth ImplantsAll-on-Four Implants

It should be noted that these average prices take into account not only the implants themselves but the entire procedure. This could include exams and 3D imaging, tooth extraction if necessary, installation of the post and abutment, and fabrication and placement of the crown.

When comparing costs, it is important to find out exactly what is included. Other procedures such as bone grafting might be an added cost.

Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

Dental fillings, dentures, and crowns have been around for generations. But as far as tooth replacement goes, dental implants are still a relatively new technology. 

Over the past decade or so, the equipment used to fabricate the implants has become more widely distributed, so prices have come down significantly. The imaging devices, software, and 3D printers used in the process of dental implantation were once available only for dentists with patients who could afford top-of-the-line procedures. Now, implant technology is available to nearly every practicing dentist. The procedure has also become a widely popular option, with more providers competing for patients. Subsequently, the price for dental implants has come down and should cost less in 2023 than they did in years prior.

While the hard costs of fabricating dental implants has dropped over the years, there are several factors that account for the high cost of the procedure. First, getting dental implants involves surgery, which requires a provider to seek further education and hone their skills. And even though the materials and equipment used in office to do the procedure are far more accessible than they used to be, they still require a significant investment by a dental practice.


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Other things affect the total cost of implants too, such as the location of a dental practice. The cost of labor, as with other professional services, goes up in areas with a higher cost of living. Dental surgeons pay more for hard costs like labor (their own salaries, as well as staff wages) and office space. A nice building in an appealing location, for example, is going to vary enormously around the country, especially on the coasts.

The difference in prices from region to region has led some patients to travel to get dental implants. Consider this: A bridge implant’s average cost is $8,500, but prices can be as low as $6,000. Traveling to an out-of-town implant surgeon could potentially save someone upwards of $2,500. If transportation and lodging costs are less than that, there could be considerable savings. Finding a locale near friends or family could make the trip even more worth it.

How are Trends Affecting What Dental Implants Should Cost in 2023?

Getting an individual implant for a single tooth used to be cost-prohibitive for many. The procedure was relatively rare and reserved for only those who could afford it. However, as implants become more cost-effective, single tooth implants are becoming increasingly popular.  

Developments like the iCAT machine (a machine that creates a 3D image of the mouth, eliminating the need for the surgeon to make an incision in the gum tissue to locate the jawbone) are reducing surgery and healing times. 

With the increase in dental surgeons providing these services to more and more patients, and with those patients spending less time in the office and recovering from the surgery, dental implants are far more common and routine. 

As with any product or service, the cost comes down when there is an increase in providers making it more convenient. It is important to keep in mind that inflation and supply chain issues might also unfortunately affect the cost and availability. For implants, new technologies and dental skills are making the procedure quicker, with less discomfort and recovery time. This makes it more appealing for patients to make the investment. 

What Should Same-Day Dental Implants Cost in 2023?

Same-day implant procedures are an excellent option for a patient who does not have infections and has good bone health. The surgeon will simply perform an extraction and replace the tooth the same day. Due to the convenience factor and because this is still a newer development in dental implant surgeries, the cost of same-day dental implants is somewhat higher.

Like implants in general, as dentists perfect their skills and the service becomes available in more areas, these costs should come down. And traveling for a same-day procedure could also lead to significant savings, just as with traditional implants. 

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike dentures or crowns, the tooth prosthetic is stable and strong, looking and feeling like the natural tooth that’s being replaced. The base of the tooth itself is rooted into the jawbone, so there is no need to adjust one’s regular dental hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and dental visits with any additional cleaning steps. 

While dental implant surgery requires healing time, once they are placed dental implants are likely to be less painful and uncomfortable than crowns or dentures. Dentures put pressure on the gumline and adjacent teeth. There is no question that dental implants are more invasive (and expensive) than dentures, but they are far more convenient and harder-wearing, and could foreseeably last 20 years or more. 

Considering Dental Implants in 2023?

Are dental implants in your plans for next year? Deciding on dental implants is a big step and takes a considerable investment of time and money. As 2023 begins, the cost of implants is not expected to change significantly from what it is in 2022. 

As we’ve covered above, when the out-of-pocket costs for a dental office are lower, that dentist is able to pass on some savings to the patients. And remember, finding a trustworthy and skilled oral surgeon is just as important as the cost. 

When you are ready to replace your missing teeth, use our online search tool. It will connect you with dental implant providers in your area, or in other regions of the country that might be more affordable.